Dissemination workshop on National Hygiene Promotion Strategy for Water Supply and Sanitation Sector in Bangladesh is going to be held on 25 September, 2014 at Gazipur City Corporation Conference Room, Gazipur.

Policy Support Unit

The Policy Support Unit (PSU) for Water and Sanitation Sector (WSS) provides technical assistance for the Local Government Division (LGD), Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development & Cooperatives (MoLGRD&C), to develop and review sector policy strategies and plans; coordinate and monitor performances; and facilitate the development of institutional capacity.
  • Framework for safe drinking water

    Framework for safe drinking water

    Health-based targets are established in the context of public health.

    Water Safety Plan

    The Water Safety Plan has three major components

    System assessment Operational monitoring

    Identifying control measures in a drinking water

    Management plans

    Normal operation, system assessment, monitoring and communication plan.

  • Three terms of SDP implementation

    The SDP will be applicable for a period of 15 years, starting in FY 2010-11. The period is divided into long-term planning, medium-term planning, and short-term planning, each of five years’ duration, and will coincide with the Five-Year Plan cycles of the government’s development planning. The SDP will be a rolling plan, which will be updated every five years.

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  • Sanitation ladder

    The sanitation ladder means improvements in the technologies used and the level of services received in a rural context. Sanitation may be as cheap and simple as a pit latrine or as expensive and complex as a flush toilet with septic tank or sewerage. The higher up the ‘ladder', the greater the benefits for people and the environment. A user may skip one or more steps to move up the ladder.

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  • Population Projection

    The total population of the country in 2015, 2020 and 2025, is projected to be 162 million, 172 million and 183 million, respectively. These projections have been used for the purpose of analyzing the WSS sector development needs in the urban and rural areas. The graph also indicates that by the year 2035, urban and rural population will have the same size of population of about 100 million each.

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Every Year 1110000 Children dies due to Water Sanitation related diseases